Our Loyalty Apps

From as little as $2.50/day a Loyalty App can benefit any business that has repeat customers from cafes, bars and restaurants, retail, services like hair, beauty, health and sports recovery... any business that needs to build, retain and reward customer loyalty.

Here's how it works:

Your own branded loyalty app that will:
    •    Recognise and reward your customers increase customer loyalty and grow your business all at the same time

Not only affordable but easy: 
    •    No cards to carry or mark up - just scan device at purchase point 
    •    Design your own programme - eg: Free beverage after minimum $$$'s spent.
    •    Quiet time? Send out a promo blast to your users nearby. 

Own your customers: 
    •    Only available through your outlet or your multi-sites. 

Redeeming is easy:
    •    Just as easy as purchasing - scan to redeem when $$$ spend target is met 

    •    Loyalty programme designed for your business 
    •    Your contact details 
    •    Your location and hours
    •    Mobile push notifications to customers 

Cost - how we get to $2.50 per day: 
    •    Once off design and build $250+gst 
    •    Monthly hosting and support $50+gst (min 12 month subscription) 

Cost includes: 
    •    Design, build, licence fee and secure hosting 
    •    Unlimited push notification messaging
    •    Online tool for content management with analytics set up and training

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