What your App can do...

Create engagement with your customers

​- Easy menu navigation

- Minimal clicks to get information, commit and complete

- Opportunity to share comments, photos and be rewarded

Increase Repeat Contact

- Create your community by inviting to register

- Release priority information, VIP offers and events

Accelerate contact & communication

- Contact Us: In-app touch call, email us and customised contact forms

- Messaging: Unlimited push messaging and in-app social posting 

- Posting updates, changes and benefits

Provide access to information on your business, services & products 

- About us - use videos, testimonials, photo galleries

- Display safety and privacy policy and service standards

- Contact details for Key People in your business

Provide easy, minimal clicks to complete purchase

​- Click to the offer, why to commit, transact, confirm and recognise  

Deliver targeted &

relevant promotional


​- Push messaging and notifications

- Send by device type, location, and timing

- Include offers relevant to interest, timing and location

Provide ecommerce transactions

​- Merchandise inventory with ordering and payment options

Recognition and Loyalty Rewards

We LOVE you...

Redeem your Free Gift

- Recognise purchases, referrals, testimonials, posted comments and photos

- Reward with discounts, upgrades, value added, free product