we are CLICCSDigital - web & graphics designer

to be amazing ... be different

 what we do 

design and build 

different websites and apps that capture your difference

sites for online shopping, ordering, information

membership and fundraising sites 

customer programmes for loyalty and recognition 

start with 

your idea, we then add our CLICCSDigital design and build a site that matches your vision with your capabilities to manage and update after delivery

deliver sites 

with easy to manage tools that enable you to update your own content and change or add images to keep a fresh look 


for the difference  

we combine the best we have to design websites and apps with a difference and we use easy to manage tools for your online presence ...

you would choose us for our creative design and our experience in building websites and apps with a difference


we understand what you need for a successful online presence.

online customers will see you before they meet you - online is a busy place and you need to be different to stand out


we have an insight into the needs of business that is so much more than having websites and apps with a difference. 

try us and let's talk about what you need to attract, connect and grow customers. 

Cost matters

simple and smart to sophisticated and stylish you can choose the design package that is right for where your business is. 

More about costs ...

what does success look like? 

a site that your customers can easily find and navigate, be informed, make a decision, complete, submit or transact.

a logo with a look and style that matches your image and complements the imagery and style of your website and online presence.

Man with Flower Collage

 why choose us? 


get to know more about us or try us! 

Contact us

Let us start to build you an online site that you will love with tools that are easy to use to grow your business.  

We love building websites and apps with a difference that really work .

Take a look at our costing packages or contact us for a custom costing 

Whatever you need in the online space -try us. 

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